Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Merry Christmas to all

This is a special time of year with all the joy of the season. It is a time for remembering Jesus and his birth. It is the Reason for the season.

The house is all decorated for the holidays. I only got out about half my decorations so will change the theme next year.

Christmas is my favorite holiday. I can't seem to collect enough ornaments and other decorations.

Each ornament has a special meaning as most were collected and made by me and other artists.

I like to sit in my living room at night time and have only the Christmas lights on. The lights are so beautiful, almost transforming the room into a make believe magical wonder with castles in the snow, snowmen dancing and angels twinkling with the light's reflections.

Christmas always brings a bit of magic as we revert once again back to our childhood ,remembering all those special times spent with our loved ones who have gone to meet our Savior now.

This time of year is a time to reflect on our lives and look forward to a New Year and ways to make our world a better place.

Let us not forget those less fortunate than ourselves. So many things we take for granted that others may never have.

Let us not forget to pray for a better world.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Autumn has arrived with all it's splendor

Autumn has arrived here in the South. It is the most beautiful time of year with the changing color of leaves & smells of wood in fireplaces.

We will soon be gathering together for our Fall celebration with Thanksgiving in our hearts. We will celebrate the bounty this season has rought.

We are truly blessed to live in this wonderful country of ours. Let us thank the Lord everyday for our freedom.

The following poem was written by my Sister. It says it well. She wrote this poem shortly after our sweet Mother's death. Everything and everybody has a season. We each will have our own.

We spent so many wonderful days in WI. where another Sister was caring for our parents before their deaths. The colors were remarkable as we over looked Tim's hill in Northern WI.

I live in TN. so our Fall is later than theirs so we are now just seeing beautiful colors once again.

The photo here shows some of our Fall colors looking out in my back yard.

Autumn Senses


The leaves whisper softly

as they scurry to the ground,

their beauty so magnificent

encircling all around,

colors of aspin gold,


and scarlet,

rest beneath my feet.

The sun peeking through

the half bare trees

shines warm upon my face.

A light, gentle Fall breeze

to rustle

to and fro.

Giving a sense of renewal.

I smile.

Crisp, smokey scents

are everywhere

lingering in the air.

The senses of Autumn

reminds us all of our

Awesome God

The Creator.

Verna Cluchey 10/03

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

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Endless Summer

June 24, 2008
Summer is upon us once again. What blissful times we spent as children.
All to soon those days are swept away along with all the carefree times they brought.
I remember long road trips as we always traveled by car. We went to visit our grandparents in Oklahoma often. My grandfather lived out in the country or woods as I remember it. He took us out to pick blackberries that grew wild on the bushes near his home. My sisters & I took little buckets and gathered those beautiful blackberries and I had my bucket pretty full when we got to a small creek and had to jump over it. When I jumped my bucket flew up in the air spilling most of my berries to the ground. Much to my despair. My Grandfather laughed and laughed. I didn’t see the humor in it as I was picking them so my mother could make a favorite blackberry cobbler for all of us.
I remember a huge wild turkey that lived near grandfather’s house and he was very predatory. We had to skirt his area every time we went outdoors. If we got anywhere near him he started dancing toward us.
Those are wonderful memories indelible in my mind today. I will forever remember sitting outdoors in the quiet of the evening listening to the elders tell stories about their past. I have written down some of these to share with my grandchildren one day.
I remember the big garden my mother always had when I was a child. I remember those big juicy tomatoes and how I liked to pick them off the vine and eat them right in the garden with the juice running down my mouth. I remember cutting watermelons open and only eating the hearts out of the center and discarding the rest.
Fourth of Julys were always special with a family picnic in the mountains and fireworks in our backyard.
I remember the carefree days running through the dewy grass with my bare feet looking for little fairies that lived in the grass and in my imagination.
My sisters and I made little dolls out of holly hocks and placed buttercup flowers under our chins to see if we liked butter. If your chin turned yellow, then you liked butter.
I loved laying on the grass in the Summer and staring up in the clear blue skies with billowy clouds forming shapes of different things my imagination could dream .
Grandma didn’t appreciate it but I loved picking a rose from her garden and pull each petal off one by one and watch it float to the ground. How beautiful that was.
We loved blowing bubbles with those little bottles of soap children use to get. We could blow large bubbles sometimes without them popping.. It was a challenge to see how long they would float without bursting.
I love the seemingly endless shades of green in the Summer time. They are so refreshing.
We all need to take time to dream and go back to a quiet place in our minds where special memories are stored and dwell in another time reminiscing for awhile.
I did this oil painting a long time ago and it is a picture memory of my Grandfather's field where he lived in Okla.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Special friends award

Thank you Kelly for presenting me with this very special award.

Kelly is a special friend and you must visit her blog.

I will choose another artist to pass this award to now.
I am passing this on to Paula at
It is your turn now Paula.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Artist's award I received

I just received this beautiful award from a special friend, Alexandria of Northwind Star Primitives. It is a blessing to have made wonderful friends in the art community here on the web.

I consider each friendship a treasure & may we share many roads ahead.

I must pass this award on to some more prim friends.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My special someone

My signifiscent other writes music and sings. See his bio and listen to a few of his many songs here:

He would love it if you left him a comment.

My latest comings and goings

April. 8, 2008
This is a beautiful time of year when fruit trees blossom & robins sing. Nostalgia transforms me into that inner child when there were no cares of the world to hinder my imagination. These little blossoms leave us all to soon as they float across the meadows looking like snow as they cover the ground.

I awakened to the chirping of birds outside my window this morning. They are a pleasant reminder of warmer days ahead when I can work in my flowers and savor their gorgeous scents. The fresh Spring rains are a true blessing for all the lawns and greenery we will soon be enjoying. Another page of life is happening right before our eyes.

I have just finished a Beth Moore study at church. It was a 6 week Bible study course on the Psalms of Ascent. I never looked at Psalms the way she brought it to life in this study. If you ever have a chance to do one of her video studies. It will be well worth your time.

I am now reading her book ' Praying God's Word'.

Last week I was invited to a person's home where I had never been before. All you primitive lovers as me would be in awe of this home. It was a treasure trove of antiques and collectables of a time gone by. We drove out in the country in Old Hickory TN. where her log cabin home is located. I felt like I had stepped back in time. There it sat in the middle of the trees with no neighbors close at all. The house looks old but was built new to old specs.

I couldn't get enough of this house. I went from room to room soaking up all the beauty of old primitive items she has spent a lifetime collecting.

She wants me to make her an Americana doll which is the total theme of her home. It is all done in the red, white and blue. She likes to change things around and it makes decorating easier & she invited me there to see the colors she wanted.

She invited me to lunch and we sat before a window overlooking the wooded area in back of her home. It was a nice sunny day making it a wonderful blessing.

I watched her work making us a special sandwich she ate in a restaurant. We had the sandwich & a small bowl of chicken dumpling soup and a brownie dessert. We enjoyed spiced tea and talked about family and the church. She had two huge fireplaces that looked just like the olden days where you could cook in them. Of course they don't use them for that or heat for that matter.

This turned out to be a memorable day for me. She has invited me and my husband back later to enjoy a picnic at the lake that edges their property.

I have learned over a lifetime to savor every good thing that happens to me for as long as I can because it will soon pass me by never to be savored in that manner again. I enjoy life on a day to day basis not looking to far into the future in these uncertain times.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Thanks for stopping by to see my blog.
I hope your visit will be a pleasant one. I grew up in Idaho , living mostly in the country. I have a great adoration for the beautiful mountains and nature.
My most cherished memory was walking through a fresh Winter snow fall in the mountains when all I could hear was the chirp of a snowbird & the crunch of my feet in the fresh snow.
I now live in TN. Where the snow doesn’t fall very often but there is other wonders to explore here. My ancestors lived in this state at one time . I have been doing family genealogy research as well as my arts.
I cherish every day as a blessed gift from the Lord. May health and happiness abide.
I will use my blog to write about beautiful things and places in my life. I hope you will visit often.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

favorite poems

The following is a poem written by my husband. I think it is very true and wanted to share it here.

Dreamer of Dreams

I'm a dreamer of dreams. A writer of song.
Please take my hand and you come along.
For what you've become, You shouldn't be.
Be a dreamer of dreams and set yourself free.

Be a dreamer of dreams. It's all up to you.
Just look past today and make yourself new.
Don't limit yourself to what they think you are.
Be a dreamer of dreams and follow your star.

Believe in yourself ~ if you dare not you don't.
Just trust in your life ~ if you cannot you won't.
For dreams can come true for the common man.
Have faith in your God and His plan ... for you.

Be a dreamer of dreams. But don't hesitate.
Just reach for your star before it's too late.
Now don't you grow old and then hear yourself say,
I once had a dream. But my dream slipped away.

Be a dreamer of dreams ...
Copyrite poem by Joelon Wilson


My friend, you're setting sail today
To seek your dreams and find your way
And though I grieve to see you go
We all must seek our dreams, to grow

So as the mist doth fill my eyes
I wish you well and realize
Without a dream, life is naught
A wealth of lessons, still untaught

I wish fair winds and mental peace
As your life heads to uncharted seas
And may the dreams you dare dream
All come to play and reign supreme

I bid farewell to you, my friend
And pray that we shall meet again
And that life's paths again shall twine
As your ship of dreams, sails close to mine

~Sherry Gail Heim