Wednesday, March 12, 2008

favorite poems

The following is a poem written by my husband. I think it is very true and wanted to share it here.

Dreamer of Dreams

I'm a dreamer of dreams. A writer of song.
Please take my hand and you come along.
For what you've become, You shouldn't be.
Be a dreamer of dreams and set yourself free.

Be a dreamer of dreams. It's all up to you.
Just look past today and make yourself new.
Don't limit yourself to what they think you are.
Be a dreamer of dreams and follow your star.

Believe in yourself ~ if you dare not you don't.
Just trust in your life ~ if you cannot you won't.
For dreams can come true for the common man.
Have faith in your God and His plan ... for you.

Be a dreamer of dreams. But don't hesitate.
Just reach for your star before it's too late.
Now don't you grow old and then hear yourself say,
I once had a dream. But my dream slipped away.

Be a dreamer of dreams ...
Copyrite poem by Joelon Wilson


My friend, you're setting sail today
To seek your dreams and find your way
And though I grieve to see you go
We all must seek our dreams, to grow

So as the mist doth fill my eyes
I wish you well and realize
Without a dream, life is naught
A wealth of lessons, still untaught

I wish fair winds and mental peace
As your life heads to uncharted seas
And may the dreams you dare dream
All come to play and reign supreme

I bid farewell to you, my friend
And pray that we shall meet again
And that life's paths again shall twine
As your ship of dreams, sails close to mine

~Sherry Gail Heim


WhimsyStitches Primitives said...

Hi Shirley,
Amazing Poems! So beautiful and wise, they made stop and ponder for a moment, how easy it is to put our dreams on hold until tomorrow, not realizing tomorrow may not come. Thank You.
So glad you joined the blog world!
I would love to add you to my favorite places list on my blog if that's o.k. with you.

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

Good Morning, Shirley!
Not only does your hubs have a way with words but he has a lot of wisdom.
I will go ahead and add your blog to my links if that is okay. I appreciate your online friendship.

paula said...

Hi Shirley, I to am in awe of your husbands talent for poems. I do love words that make you stop and think of life hidden or not so hidden messages. Thank you for sharing these poems with the world.