Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Endless Summer

June 24, 2008
Summer is upon us once again. What blissful times we spent as children.
All to soon those days are swept away along with all the carefree times they brought.
I remember long road trips as we always traveled by car. We went to visit our grandparents in Oklahoma often. My grandfather lived out in the country or woods as I remember it. He took us out to pick blackberries that grew wild on the bushes near his home. My sisters & I took little buckets and gathered those beautiful blackberries and I had my bucket pretty full when we got to a small creek and had to jump over it. When I jumped my bucket flew up in the air spilling most of my berries to the ground. Much to my despair. My Grandfather laughed and laughed. I didn’t see the humor in it as I was picking them so my mother could make a favorite blackberry cobbler for all of us.
I remember a huge wild turkey that lived near grandfather’s house and he was very predatory. We had to skirt his area every time we went outdoors. If we got anywhere near him he started dancing toward us.
Those are wonderful memories indelible in my mind today. I will forever remember sitting outdoors in the quiet of the evening listening to the elders tell stories about their past. I have written down some of these to share with my grandchildren one day.
I remember the big garden my mother always had when I was a child. I remember those big juicy tomatoes and how I liked to pick them off the vine and eat them right in the garden with the juice running down my mouth. I remember cutting watermelons open and only eating the hearts out of the center and discarding the rest.
Fourth of Julys were always special with a family picnic in the mountains and fireworks in our backyard.
I remember the carefree days running through the dewy grass with my bare feet looking for little fairies that lived in the grass and in my imagination.
My sisters and I made little dolls out of holly hocks and placed buttercup flowers under our chins to see if we liked butter. If your chin turned yellow, then you liked butter.
I loved laying on the grass in the Summer and staring up in the clear blue skies with billowy clouds forming shapes of different things my imagination could dream .
Grandma didn’t appreciate it but I loved picking a rose from her garden and pull each petal off one by one and watch it float to the ground. How beautiful that was.
We loved blowing bubbles with those little bottles of soap children use to get. We could blow large bubbles sometimes without them popping.. It was a challenge to see how long they would float without bursting.
I love the seemingly endless shades of green in the Summer time. They are so refreshing.
We all need to take time to dream and go back to a quiet place in our minds where special memories are stored and dwell in another time reminiscing for awhile.
I did this oil painting a long time ago and it is a picture memory of my Grandfather's field where he lived in Okla.


Cookie said...

girl... you have some major skills going on !
I love your style :)

Kim Hardt Originals said...

Hi Shirley I love your painting. I have such fond memories of my grandpa as well. I wish I could step back in time just one day to see him and sit on his lap like I did when I was a little girl. I grew up in Oklahoma and moved away at 18. My grandpa live in a small town in Texas. I loved the way he drank his coffee out of a saucer. He use to go out to the horse barn and when he came back he had silver dollars in his hands. He use to tell us that he had buckets and buckets of them in his barn. I was just so aw struck by that.

I loved hearing your story about your grandpa. They are the best.


Cindy B said...

Shirley I enjopyed reading your descriptive memories of your childhood, visiting the grandparents..what a gift you have, not only in dolls and painting, but with writing. so much ecchos my own childhood, you took me back to those carefree wonderful days again...thanks!

PineyWoodsPrims~Dena said...

Hi Shirley I am Dena from Soatp.
I love your blog! Your story carried me back to simplier times as a young girl. Thank you for such a wonderful story. I will be back to your blog. Many Blessings!
Stop by my blog sometimes. I will be adding you.

BB said...


Your painting and story about your grandpa are both wonderful...Loved the read and wanted to say Hi..

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