Sunday, November 9, 2008

Autumn has arrived with all it's splendor

Autumn has arrived here in the South. It is the most beautiful time of year with the changing color of leaves & smells of wood in fireplaces.

We will soon be gathering together for our Fall celebration with Thanksgiving in our hearts. We will celebrate the bounty this season has rought.

We are truly blessed to live in this wonderful country of ours. Let us thank the Lord everyday for our freedom.

The following poem was written by my Sister. It says it well. She wrote this poem shortly after our sweet Mother's death. Everything and everybody has a season. We each will have our own.

We spent so many wonderful days in WI. where another Sister was caring for our parents before their deaths. The colors were remarkable as we over looked Tim's hill in Northern WI.

I live in TN. so our Fall is later than theirs so we are now just seeing beautiful colors once again.

The photo here shows some of our Fall colors looking out in my back yard.

Autumn Senses


The leaves whisper softly

as they scurry to the ground,

their beauty so magnificent

encircling all around,

colors of aspin gold,


and scarlet,

rest beneath my feet.

The sun peeking through

the half bare trees

shines warm upon my face.

A light, gentle Fall breeze

to rustle

to and fro.

Giving a sense of renewal.

I smile.

Crisp, smokey scents

are everywhere

lingering in the air.

The senses of Autumn

reminds us all of our

Awesome God

The Creator.

Verna Cluchey 10/03