Friday, December 4, 2009

Rag Annie angel tree

favorite painting

Christmas time in TN.

A Smoky Mountain Sleighride
Poem by Ron Evans

When it's Christmas in the Smokies
And we've had a winter's blow
And everything for miles around
Is covered deep in snow.

When we've finished all our shopping
And trimmed the perfect tree,
And find that obligations
Leave some time for you and me;

Then the silver moon beams beckon
And their brightness lights our way,
And there seems no better place to be
Than riding in a sleigh.

So many times on cold winter nights
We glide the forest trails,
'Mid sound of muffled hoofbeats
And song of harness bells.

We pause upon the old stone bridge
Above the river's glare,
Where hardy skaters pivouette
Despite the frigid air.

And then atop a high hill crest
We stop to rest the mare,
While Heaven's diamond studded stars
Reflect upon your hair.

Such moments last forever
They defy eternity,
For time is held immobilized
By Christmas memory.

Reluctanly we turn for home
And give the nag her head,
She whisks us briskly through the night
We'll soon be home in bed.

And there we'll dream of sculpted drifts
Piled high by winter's blow,
And lovers in a magic sleigh
That skims across the snow...

Saturday, October 17, 2009

my new scarecrow

I made this scarecrow using a pattern by Tennessee Ridge Primitives. I made one for me and one for a Sister.
Fall is my favorite time to decorate. Of course Christmas is right up there.

Fall decor

I made this turkey using a pattern by 'Hidden in the attic' She does the best patterns for birds.

Fall decor (my home)

New Fall picture I hung in my home

Autumn Senses

The leaves whisper softely,
as they scurry to the ground,
Their beauty so magnificent
encircleing all around,
colors of aspin gold
and scarlet
rest beneath my feet.
The sun peaking through
the half bare trees
shines warm upon my face.
A light, gentle Fall breeze
blows through my hair
awakening the leaves
to rustle
to and fro.
Giving a sense of renewal.
I smile as
crisp, smokey scents
are everywhere
lingering in the air.
The senses of Autumn
reminds us all
of our
Awesome God
The Creator

Poem above was written by my Sister Verna Cluchey (2003)

Autumn 2009

'Happy Autumn'

When Summer flowers are gone and Autumn embers burst forth in splendor with a golden glow, oh I am happy in the joy of living.
When pensive Autumn makes her glorious bow.
The air is crisp the maple leaves are yellow;
The trunks are storing sugar sweet and good
The squirrels and other tiny woodland creatures
Have found a place to hoard their Winter's food.
The trees are dropping apples in the orchar;
The moon's a golden lanter up above.
And everywhere we look we see reflected
The goodness of our gracious God of Love.
Pamela Kennedy

Enter into His gates with
Thanksgiving and into His courts with
praise: be Thankful unto Him, and
bless His name.
Psalm 100:4

Saturday, March 21, 2009

little treasures I received from others

A couple of swap gifts and I made the rose pillow beneath them.

Special collectable memories

my personal collectables

A couple of my special tiny figurenes.

Paper Art 'Petite Theatre'

Working with paper art was always my art of choice growing up.
This little piece measures approx. 3" x 4". Amazing how much work goes into each of these tiny treasures.
I followed instructions for this.
A tiny mirror is in back of the curtains. The lid at the side has copied 1870 German newspaper print.

Spring time is a special time

I feel all good inside my heart because Spring is here once again. Each season is beautiful but Spring is my favorite.
The sound of rain on my window as I watch the flowers start popping up out of the warmed earth makes my heart glad.
The warmth of the sunshine on my skin as I walk on the wooded path near my house. The leaves are starting to pop out on the bushes and trees have little buds already. One day I will look out the window and the leaves will be fully bloomed and I will wonder when.
There is something beautiful about the sunlight in the morning as I sit down for a cup of coffee while waking up. I open the front door and love to see the sun dance across the room.
There's something special about the little things in life. The quiet things and the quiet times in life. They are sometimes the most important and most precious part of life.
In the evening I like to have a special alone time when I take in the happenings of the day. I like to read my books and look at my latest magazines. I draw so much inspiration from these.
This is the special time I pray for my family and friends. I hope all of you have a blessed life no matter what comes your way.
I thank God every day for all the beauty I take for granted living in America. I have been reading a book called 'IRISH AMERICANS' A history by Jay P. Dolan.
I am 3/4 Irish at least and was interested in how and why my ancestors came here.
It was an eye opener. I feel very blessed for their bravery in all they went through to get here.
They say the Irish have been returning to their homeland now since 2001 but America is my home and I am proud to live here.

My home Easter Decor

This is a bunny I made a few years ago. I have made her into a pattern and if you are interested, The pattern is called 'Bunny Sweet'

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Snowy days

Sailing into the sky

Winter is a special time when the first snowfall turns the earth's crusty surface into extraordinary shades of white iridescents.
As cold as it is outdoors it always brings a since of warmth to sit by the fire reading a good book and taking a peek ever so often to see the large flakes stack up outside the window sill.
What joy it is to see the children playing in the snow. I remember the excitement I felt when I was a child playing in the snow and making as many footprints as I could and laying down to watch the flakes drift to the ground.

I wrote the following poem a few years ago and would like to share it here .

Beautiful snow angels we became
That Winter’s day long ago.
Sailing through the sky like
Imaginary princesses as the snow
Flakes gently floated to the ground
All around us.
We stared into that imaginary
Castle in the sky as we sped faster
& faster on our journey., all the
while Snow castles were forming
all around us as the snow Stacked
high on the dead corn stalks. &
Fence posts.
It was so eerily quiet that day.
We could have sailed Oceans
Of skies in our imaginary world
Of make believe.
How quickly time slips away just like
A water drop falling through the icy
Sky picking up a dust particle &
Crystallizing into a snowflake.
Falling to the ground and diminishing
Before our eyes never to be seen again.
So is life as time slips away.
Written by Shirley Wilson Dec. 2007

Taking responsibility

As we go through our lives we sometimes blame others for our problems instead of taking ownership ourselves.
I came across this article in my daily devotional and it is so true. I would like to share it with you.

"You will forget the shame of your youth." Isaiah 54:4

When Eve first opened her eyes on planet earth, she was already married. She never got to grow up. She just stepped into being a wife, then a mother. Did that happen to you? You were a parent before you had a chance to be a child, or know what it means to be innocent and grow up with your trust intact. If Eve's story is your story, the Word for you today is, "Do not fear, for you will not be ashamed; neither be will forget the shame of your youth."
You can't go back and make things different. You're not the same person and you're never going to be. You cannot relive your first marriage or your early childhood. But there are three scriptural steps you can take to get up, get over it and move on: (1) Forgive what others have done to you (see Eph. 4:32). (2) Forgive yourself for what you've done (See Php 3:13). (3) Believe that God has truly forgiven you and act on it. (See Isa 43:25).
Sometimes we hold onto the past because we believe there's something there we think we still need. We cling to certain things because we fear we'll never be able to replace them. No, God has more in store for you. If you've entrusted your future to Him you haven't seen your best days yet. There's more ahead of you than behind you. God promises: "Beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness" (Isa 61:3). So in God's strength get up, get over it and move on!