Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sailing into the sky

Winter is a special time when the first snowfall turns the earth's crusty surface into extraordinary shades of white iridescents.
As cold as it is outdoors it always brings a since of warmth to sit by the fire reading a good book and taking a peek ever so often to see the large flakes stack up outside the window sill.
What joy it is to see the children playing in the snow. I remember the excitement I felt when I was a child playing in the snow and making as many footprints as I could and laying down to watch the flakes drift to the ground.

I wrote the following poem a few years ago and would like to share it here .

Beautiful snow angels we became
That Winter’s day long ago.
Sailing through the sky like
Imaginary princesses as the snow
Flakes gently floated to the ground
All around us.
We stared into that imaginary
Castle in the sky as we sped faster
& faster on our journey., all the
while Snow castles were forming
all around us as the snow Stacked
high on the dead corn stalks. &
Fence posts.
It was so eerily quiet that day.
We could have sailed Oceans
Of skies in our imaginary world
Of make believe.
How quickly time slips away just like
A water drop falling through the icy
Sky picking up a dust particle &
Crystallizing into a snowflake.
Falling to the ground and diminishing
Before our eyes never to be seen again.
So is life as time slips away.
Written by Shirley Wilson Dec. 2007


MommaB said...

wow...wonderful poem...thanks for sharing

MulberryMemories said...

Shirley! That's a beautiful poem. I love it! Becky