Saturday, March 21, 2009

little treasures I received from others

A couple of swap gifts and I made the rose pillow beneath them.

Special collectable memories

my personal collectables

A couple of my special tiny figurenes.

Paper Art 'Petite Theatre'

Working with paper art was always my art of choice growing up.
This little piece measures approx. 3" x 4". Amazing how much work goes into each of these tiny treasures.
I followed instructions for this.
A tiny mirror is in back of the curtains. The lid at the side has copied 1870 German newspaper print.

Spring time is a special time

I feel all good inside my heart because Spring is here once again. Each season is beautiful but Spring is my favorite.
The sound of rain on my window as I watch the flowers start popping up out of the warmed earth makes my heart glad.
The warmth of the sunshine on my skin as I walk on the wooded path near my house. The leaves are starting to pop out on the bushes and trees have little buds already. One day I will look out the window and the leaves will be fully bloomed and I will wonder when.
There is something beautiful about the sunlight in the morning as I sit down for a cup of coffee while waking up. I open the front door and love to see the sun dance across the room.
There's something special about the little things in life. The quiet things and the quiet times in life. They are sometimes the most important and most precious part of life.
In the evening I like to have a special alone time when I take in the happenings of the day. I like to read my books and look at my latest magazines. I draw so much inspiration from these.
This is the special time I pray for my family and friends. I hope all of you have a blessed life no matter what comes your way.
I thank God every day for all the beauty I take for granted living in America. I have been reading a book called 'IRISH AMERICANS' A history by Jay P. Dolan.
I am 3/4 Irish at least and was interested in how and why my ancestors came here.
It was an eye opener. I feel very blessed for their bravery in all they went through to get here.
They say the Irish have been returning to their homeland now since 2001 but America is my home and I am proud to live here.

My home Easter Decor

This is a bunny I made a few years ago. I have made her into a pattern and if you are interested, The pattern is called 'Bunny Sweet'