Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year !!!!

A new year is once again upon us. It seems only yesterday it was a new year. Time keeps pushing on and I keep trudging along trying to keep up.

I hope to make more time for more forms of art this year. Of course there is all those photos I have received from loved ones that will need to be organized and dates placed for adding to photo albums. I have purchased beautiful papers for a long time now along with fancy cut out shapes to make beautiful pages.

Last year I got out all my unfinished albums and began my long process of adding photos to the albums. My piles of photos got larger and larger as I worked. I had to do it in the living room as that was the most space for my project.

I thought to myself. I hope nobody comes to visit as this is a big mess. Sure enough, I got a visitor when everything was at it's worst. My friend commented that this photo organizing was an act of love for future generations. I suppose she was right but I was thinking more about myself and for my own enjoyment. I hope someone will be interested one day down the road.

As the years pass I need to hurry a bit more as I want to be able to enjoy them before that time is gone.
Last year I started a whole new project with my photos. In hopes of bringing enjoyment to my 4 sisters and 1 brother who live across the United States from where I live.
I purchased a program called Muvie Reaveal. I gathered up all my old photographs and ran them through a little machine my husband gave to me. It turned my photos into digital format. I then uploaded them to the computer where I organized them and added them to my movie making project. It turned out to be quite a project taking many days and weeks. I was able to add music from my saved files to go along with the photos. I had a lot of photos but it was worth it in the end. Now my sisters can pop a DVD into their VCR and watch them anytime they choose. When I am bored or feeling a little blue. I pop in a DVD and watch the good times from the past. What a joy it has turned out to be. My sisters are now sending me photos for making new DVD's.
I plan to make time for lots of new dolls this year and am hoping for a great year. Also getting to know more of the nice ladies in the online clubs I belong to.

God bless you all. May your year be the best yet.


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Snow Flake Doll

Valentine doll

latest dolls I have made

We have a new year to look forward to. I had a wonderful Christmas and now it is time to get busy on my business once again. I am so glad I have been blessed with this talent as it is my passion.
I hope to make more time for my blog this year as it has been put last on the list for so long.
I am having fun making these Winter and Valentine dolls.