Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mother's day May 8, 2011

Mother's day is just around the corner so thought I would share this poem for all those who no longer have a mother here today. It is written by Victoria M. Hodgson.

As each passing day goes by
A tear falls from my eye
With each day passing me
A memory comes to mind
Without you by my side
Tears and memories compile
Until we meet again
My memories will form a mountain
A mountain unclimbable
My tears will form an ocean
An ocean uncrossable
You are my angel
You are my light
Guiding me through my days
And protecting my nights
You may be gone
But you're not forgotten
You're my angel now
But my Mommy you'll be
Until we meet again
I cry these tears
I release these memories
I shall climb my mountain
I will cross my ocean
One day soon
I will be at your side
I will be in your arms
I shall be safe once more

Happy Mother's Day Mommy
Love will be on the wings of my angel!!!!

Warm sunny days with beauty all around us.

Warm weather is upon us once again. I can't believe how quickly my calendar pages are turning. Very soon, half a year will be over.
I love the Spring time with all the trees in bloom and flowers are in bloom once again. My iris are blooming now.
I love sitting on my patio in the evening and listening to the birds as they fly through the air gathering food for their little ones.
We have had some bad storms this Spring here in the South. I pray for all those who lost their homes earlier this week from tornados. It is only the beginning of the season and so many bad ones already.
I am keeping busy with my doll making and other art work. It is challenging to keep up with all of it but I like keeping busy.
I took down all of my Easter decor yesterday and now contimplating putting up my Americana decor. I love the red, white and blues.
I just finished this Americana man holding a Spring Lamb with a pony at his side.