Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spring Bunnies

I had fun creating this sweet pair. I named them Razzleberry and Ruffles.  They are sold but the pattern is available. Contact me through email if you would like to purchase.

A fresh new start for a new season. Spring is upon us once again.

It has been some time since writing here on my blog. I have been going through many health issues but hope for a better year.
 A great philosopher Heraclitus is famous for having said that try as we might, we can never step into the same river twice. Because with the wind, pebbles, leaves, rain, and other elements of life, a river is from one moment to the next always a river, but forever changing as it interfaces with the elements. Always becoming.
   We as humans are like rivers as we encounter each new experience. new people and new discoveries that affect who we are. As we walk this earth, we are who we have become but we are also continually becoming.
  The world of art and creating is always affecting our lives and changing our thought patterns as we allow our inner being to drift away into that land of creativity.
  With each new season the trends keep changing as we work our wonders in this imaginary world we create for ourselves.