Thursday, June 27, 2013

Gypsy Queen Agnes and her cat Asa

 When you walk into an auditorium to see a play or musical. You can feel the magic from the vibes of the people sitting around you. A hush comes over the crowd when the velvet curtains begin to open. Somehow we are taken to another world as the scene unveils. 
  I view my doll creating like a stage show with a play about to unfold. I have a story in mind as I create each doll. 
  I have played with dolls my whole life it seems. They are an intricate part of who I am. As a doll artist; I like to transcend time going back to a distant memory where gypsies, ghosts and goblins were real in my imagination.
  Halloween was a favorite time of year and I always chose to be a gypsy. Trick or treating was the best ever. 
 I remember a large Victorian mansion we used to go to each Halloween. There was a very old lady who lived there. She always had some special treats for us.

  On another Halloween, we went to this mansion and she no longer lived in it as new proprietors had taken over.  All things must come to an end one day. She was no longer there dividing out the treats.  I remember she had white hair and was very frail.
  I made this Halloween gypsy and her cat by drawing from that memory of long ago.
  This gypsy is beautifully dressed in red satin . Her face is painted with many layers of acrylics and glazes; giving her a luminous ghost like appearance.  She has long wired fingers and wears a poison ring on her finger. She holds a key to many potions awaiting the curious. Her Spells booklet has several poems in it.

~Halloween fantasy~gypsy and cat Collectable~by~Dumplinragamuffin

 This doll is listed on Etsy

Friday, June 21, 2013

Moon watcher Pumpkin

This ghostly pumpkin may be hiding in your garden patch this fall. She is a mere 15 inches high so you have to look for her. Watch out though. She may have a trick up her sleeve. You might be the one with your head on a stick if you aren't careful. he he !!!!
  She is made of muslin fabric with many layers of paint, gesso and glazing techniques to give her a luminous look. She certainly outshines the rest of those plain old pumpkins in the patch.
  She is presently listed in my Etsy shop.  $45.00  Sorry She is SOLD.

Raven's Ride

I just finished this mixed media art piece in the vintage theater art style.
 I am very pleased in how it turned out.  It measures 11 inches by 7 1/2 inches and features a little sprite wearing a Halloween cat's hat and holding her moon rattler in her hand to clear the way of spooks.
She is riding a raven into the Halloween sky as the moon peers above with bats flying around. What will our imaginations conjure up as we fly off into fantasy land with this little kitty sprite I call Trivagels.  It took me some time to come up with this made up word to distinguish my fairies from other artists.  The meaning behind it is Trivial angels. I make these little 5 - 8 inch sprites occasionally for a challenge. They are very detailed and all done by hand.
 The stage is painted wood with poster board back. It is embellished with tinsel , ribbons and photo album art.
  The sprite is made with wired tinsel. fabric, glitter, ribbon, and wool. Her angelic face is scrap art.
Her raven is made with muslin and painted. He wears a crown and is ready for flight. 
 Price:  $45.00 plus $6.00 shipping.  Email me at for a Paypal invoice.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

June 15, 2013
  The days are quickly approaching now and Summer will be upon us once again. It seems the years are passing faster now or is it just my imagination.  It seems everyone is in a hurry to get done everything that can not wait until another day. Must we always be in a rush. It will only be another day tomorrow. There will be time to do the things we thought couldn't wait till then.
  My black eyed Susan's have opened their faces to the glowing sunshine once again. I surely thought they would not survive after last Summer but they are here again. Their days will soon fade away and their time will pass as with all of us.
  It seems only yesterday when we were young. We got together with my sister and her husband Wally and went boating in the Payette river above Idaho City. We spent the afternoon playing in the water. Wally was an expert water skier. I loved watching him sail across the waves.   It was getting evening and the stars were peeking through at us from above. The water was smooth as glass and not to cold.  We found our spot on a dock in the river so we wouldn't be disturbed and lighted our grill. It had been a long afternoon enjoying the water and we were hungry. We laughed and laughed as we joked and cooked our hotdogs. We tickled our toes in the water and watched the fish jump. We thought we had forever in our lives.
  Does time have to go so quickly?
 I have been blessed with  2 great granddaughters to cherish. Will I have the time to enjoy them before they grow up?

  I like this writing by Shakespeare
To me, fair friend, you can never be old,
for as you were when first your eye I eyed such seems your beauty still.

                                             This is our family photo taken around 1981.

                          Little Aubrey Mae West. My precious great granddaughter. Her mommy chose my middle name for her. That meant the world to me.  She was born June 12, 2013.  I wonder what the world holds for this little one as she grows up.  She will certainly be loved.

Friday, June 7, 2013

June 8, 2013 My latest little munchkin creations

Hello! I want to share my latest creations with you.
I would like to introduce you to Falicia gourd and her little pumpkin.
Falicia is 14 inches to the top of her stem. She has a sweet little face as does her little pumpkin friend.
They are created with osnaburg fabric and acrylic paints and glazes.
This item is sold.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Looking forward to Summer

June 6, 2013
  I hope all of you are enjoying a wonderful Spring and preparing  for Summer as June progresses.
The tulips and iris have long left and the first blooms of my roses have popped and shed their petals now.
 The little angel statuette with her hands drawn up to her chin awaits the blooming of a black eyed Susan.  The evening air is filled with the sweet aroma of flowers blooming in pots on my patio. I sit and ponder the days as I watch the cotton tail bunnies hop around looking for a fresh garden to munch on.
  The steamy Southern evenings in TN. are beautiful. I sit on my patio and listen to the birds settling in for the evening.  It is quiet as the sun sets and the colors streak across the  evening sky in various Hues. I watch the firefly's diving in and out of the shrubs nearby. As the evening progresses; they move closer to me; almost touching me as they sail around.
  I am often to busy for these short moments to just relax and enjoy nature. The work of a full time doll maker takes up most of my time. Creating little faces and deciding what fantasy they will portray next is sometimes a challenge. I get a creative block sometimes and I will search and read through books and journals of other artists until that moment of the creative spirit takes on a life of it's own. I love creating with fabrics as it has been a lifelong passion of mine.
  I started first as a child drawing and creating paper dolls and their wardrobes. Around 10 years old; I started sewing dolls. They were truly primitive back then as I developed my sewing skills with many trials and errors.
 I have done some oil paintings but it was to challenging for me as I am a perfectionist and I could not settle for impressions of things as a painter must do.
 I love paper craft and mixed media; creating little books with fabric and poems I have written.
 I thank the Lord for this gift of creating as it challenges me to keep pushing forward and developing my inner being.
  I am looking ahead to the next season now as most working artists must do. Dumplinragamuffin is my business so can work on my own time schedule. This makes it nice as my hours are my own choosing.
 I have just finished this Halloween creation and working on another one now.

   ( This item has sold.)