Thursday, June 27, 2013

Gypsy Queen Agnes and her cat Asa

 When you walk into an auditorium to see a play or musical. You can feel the magic from the vibes of the people sitting around you. A hush comes over the crowd when the velvet curtains begin to open. Somehow we are taken to another world as the scene unveils. 
  I view my doll creating like a stage show with a play about to unfold. I have a story in mind as I create each doll. 
  I have played with dolls my whole life it seems. They are an intricate part of who I am. As a doll artist; I like to transcend time going back to a distant memory where gypsies, ghosts and goblins were real in my imagination.
  Halloween was a favorite time of year and I always chose to be a gypsy. Trick or treating was the best ever. 
 I remember a large Victorian mansion we used to go to each Halloween. There was a very old lady who lived there. She always had some special treats for us.

  On another Halloween, we went to this mansion and she no longer lived in it as new proprietors had taken over.  All things must come to an end one day. She was no longer there dividing out the treats.  I remember she had white hair and was very frail.
  I made this Halloween gypsy and her cat by drawing from that memory of long ago.
  This gypsy is beautifully dressed in red satin . Her face is painted with many layers of acrylics and glazes; giving her a luminous ghost like appearance.  She has long wired fingers and wears a poison ring on her finger. She holds a key to many potions awaiting the curious. Her Spells booklet has several poems in it.

~Halloween fantasy~gypsy and cat Collectable~by~Dumplinragamuffin

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