Saturday, June 15, 2013

June 15, 2013
  The days are quickly approaching now and Summer will be upon us once again. It seems the years are passing faster now or is it just my imagination.  It seems everyone is in a hurry to get done everything that can not wait until another day. Must we always be in a rush. It will only be another day tomorrow. There will be time to do the things we thought couldn't wait till then.
  My black eyed Susan's have opened their faces to the glowing sunshine once again. I surely thought they would not survive after last Summer but they are here again. Their days will soon fade away and their time will pass as with all of us.
  It seems only yesterday when we were young. We got together with my sister and her husband Wally and went boating in the Payette river above Idaho City. We spent the afternoon playing in the water. Wally was an expert water skier. I loved watching him sail across the waves.   It was getting evening and the stars were peeking through at us from above. The water was smooth as glass and not to cold.  We found our spot on a dock in the river so we wouldn't be disturbed and lighted our grill. It had been a long afternoon enjoying the water and we were hungry. We laughed and laughed as we joked and cooked our hotdogs. We tickled our toes in the water and watched the fish jump. We thought we had forever in our lives.
  Does time have to go so quickly?
 I have been blessed with  2 great granddaughters to cherish. Will I have the time to enjoy them before they grow up?

  I like this writing by Shakespeare
To me, fair friend, you can never be old,
for as you were when first your eye I eyed such seems your beauty still.

                                             This is our family photo taken around 1981.

                          Little Aubrey Mae West. My precious great granddaughter. Her mommy chose my middle name for her. That meant the world to me.  She was born June 12, 2013.  I wonder what the world holds for this little one as she grows up.  She will certainly be loved.


Akamai Yachts said...

Cherish and learn from the past. Plan and prepare for the future. Live in the present for it is a gift. Enjoy and live in the now.

Shirley Wilson said...

Thank you Joseph.