Thursday, June 6, 2013

Looking forward to Summer

June 6, 2013
  I hope all of you are enjoying a wonderful Spring and preparing  for Summer as June progresses.
The tulips and iris have long left and the first blooms of my roses have popped and shed their petals now.
 The little angel statuette with her hands drawn up to her chin awaits the blooming of a black eyed Susan.  The evening air is filled with the sweet aroma of flowers blooming in pots on my patio. I sit and ponder the days as I watch the cotton tail bunnies hop around looking for a fresh garden to munch on.
  The steamy Southern evenings in TN. are beautiful. I sit on my patio and listen to the birds settling in for the evening.  It is quiet as the sun sets and the colors streak across the  evening sky in various Hues. I watch the firefly's diving in and out of the shrubs nearby. As the evening progresses; they move closer to me; almost touching me as they sail around.
  I am often to busy for these short moments to just relax and enjoy nature. The work of a full time doll maker takes up most of my time. Creating little faces and deciding what fantasy they will portray next is sometimes a challenge. I get a creative block sometimes and I will search and read through books and journals of other artists until that moment of the creative spirit takes on a life of it's own. I love creating with fabrics as it has been a lifelong passion of mine.
  I started first as a child drawing and creating paper dolls and their wardrobes. Around 10 years old; I started sewing dolls. They were truly primitive back then as I developed my sewing skills with many trials and errors.
 I have done some oil paintings but it was to challenging for me as I am a perfectionist and I could not settle for impressions of things as a painter must do.
 I love paper craft and mixed media; creating little books with fabric and poems I have written.
 I thank the Lord for this gift of creating as it challenges me to keep pushing forward and developing my inner being.
  I am looking ahead to the next season now as most working artists must do. Dumplinragamuffin is my business so can work on my own time schedule. This makes it nice as my hours are my own choosing.
 I have just finished this Halloween creation and working on another one now.

   ( This item has sold.)

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