Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Brown eyed Susans

Don't you love the Summer flowers blowing in the breeze. I found this poem about brown eyed Susans awhile ago and would love to share it here.

 " Girls In Their Loose Summer Frocks"
Brown eyed Susans in their loose summer frocks, hair blowing in the tall grass wind, sway and shimmer in the sunlight.
  emboldened by the promise of perpetual summer, brown eyed Susans raise their heads to the sky, tracing the sun's path without a blink of regret that endless summer days will soon fade and slip away.  Making us ache again for hot summer days, for brown eyed Susans gathered off the porch, for yellow frocked girls who hide away at the onset of cold winds foretelling first frost.
  From the collected Poems of Philip Martz.

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