Saturday, January 4, 2014


 "Passion is the starting point for all achievement. There has never been anyone who achieved anything of value, who wasn't passionate about it. It's the energy that fuels your dream.  The road to success is cluttered with detours, problem, and disappointments. And if you don't have the right mindset, your dreams can die there. Indeed, there are days when the needle on your passion meter will be on empty. On those days you need to remember that God will enlighten your darkness. But by my God I can leap over a wall. Remember that God gave you the dream in the first place. Ask him to help you as you work toward achieving your dream.  He may not answer on your time frame but he knows what is best for us and we may have to be strong to get through the trials that come in achieving our dream before he answers.
  If you have a passion for your dream, the price tag won't stop you. You'll get up every morning, draw on God's grace and take one more step in the direction of the thing you know God put you on this earth to do.
This photo shows me taking a stroll on the beach in Hawaii. '1993' I snagged it off of one of my movies. There was nobody at the beach that morning. It was a pleasant stroll. There was a jelly fish in the water close by and I was watching it.

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