Saturday, June 21, 2014

Relaxing in the good olde Summer time

Just before dawn the birds awaken me with their cheerful chatter as they begin their daily ritual of nesting and searching for food.
I pour my morning cup of coffee and open the door to look out over the lawn to see a couple of little cottontail bunnies hopping about. The morning mist fills the air and evaporates as the morning progresses.
The weather has been very sultry and hot this week. We had a sudden rain storm last evening with some high winds. That happens a lot in the hot steamy south.
 I love my mornings as I walk through my house and plan my day. Somehow, they never seem quite long enough. Some say it is a time but that may be just a dream.
  I decorated my house yesterday for the 4th of July as I do every year. My collection tends to grow each year with handmade items I make and some I purchase.
I will share a few pictures here of my home d├ęcor.


Saturday, June 14, 2014

My latest Americana dolls

                                          Uncle Sam dolls (sold)