Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Christmas in July

What a beautiful day it is. We have very warm weather in July with a gentle mist in the air. How can it be so nice at the moment with a storm brewing in the background. I hear distant thunder as we have a storm moving in with winds. It will pass quickly I am sure.
  My flowers will have their watering for the day after the rains come down.
  I am working on my Fall and Christmas dolls now. Yes; Christmas as it will be a short time before it is upon us once again. I have some new Santa dolls listed now on Ebay for the (Christmas in July sale.)
   I made this wonderful witch doll and pattern for those who enjoy sewing. She is 22 inches tall counting her wired hat. You can find her in my ebay store. http://stores.shop.ebay.com/Dumplinragamuffin
I have the finished doll and pattern listed.


This Santa is 22 in. tall and is aged with tea. (SOLD)
Presently listed on ebay. (SOLD) (Christmas in July)