Friday, November 6, 2015

Winter will arrive soon with the holidays

Our hearts turn to the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Hearts are full of gratitude for beautiful family and friends that have graced our paths this year and before. Some are passed on but we gather around the table with thanksgiving in our hearts to cherish those with us today.
May your holidays be the most memorable you have had.
  Nostalgia is with us when we open the little boxes that have been stored away all year for the holiday. There is always a special meaning behind each one of my Christmas ornaments as each one were purchased with a beloved friend or family member or received as a hand made gift.
   The following dolls have been made this year and listed on Ebay and in my Etsy store. Please visit my shop on Etsy for more of my dolls and patterns.

Monday, August 31, 2015

More Fall and Harvest creations

Holy moments come to us daily if we will ask for eyes to see. It may be the sun streaming through the window as you fold laundry. Or maybe it's lifting your friends to God (in prayer) while you vacuum.  We can't always withdraw to quiet hillsides to pray, but Christ will meet with us in the quiet places of our hearts.  ---Sheila Walsh.

                           This is my latest harvest dolls listed on Ebay now.  Sept 1, 2015

Sunday, August 9, 2015

As fall gently arrives

                                                    Autumn burned brightly,
                                        a running flame through the mountains,
                                                    a torch flung to the trees. ~  Faith Baldwin

     This wonderful primitive pilgrim set will be a symbol of times in the past when families treasured their blessings with the bounty of fall and gathering of fruits and vegetables for the winter.

Autumn burns brightly

   This sweet pumpkin shelf sitter is just 13 in. tall and will be a wonderful addition to your fall decor.             'SOLD'

                                                           August 9,2015

                                              No spring nor summer Beauty 
                                            hath such grace as I have seen
                                                 in one autumnal face
                                                                       ~John Donne


Saturday, June 20, 2015

Quiet pools of refreshment

God want us to move steadily forward on our journey through life (Ps 84:5-7), but rest and refreshment along the way are an integral part of his plan. He makes us lie down--in verdant, nourishing  "pastures"of his presence.  He does not leave us in the desert, but leads us directly to the banks of quiet pools of refreshment--if only we will follow.

My latest creations

                                              Sweet little flower girl with her guardian.

Creativity belongs to all of us.

                                                           A favorite quote
                                                             Don't let the fear
                                                            of failure prevent
                                                          you from being the
                                                           creative genius
                                                               that you are.
                                                           Creativity belongs
                                                          to all of us----claim it.

                                                       Lady Blue listed in my Etsy shop


                                     Welcome Summer
 Like the end of another season, so the circle of life continues.
A new generation blooms, and the old fades away. A new season comes around and the old sleeps. Rejoice in the new and mourn with a joyful heart the old. but always remember. 
                                                                                       ~Mary Ellen Young

Here are some of my beautiful flowers. They are here just a little while then fade away. 

                   Beautiful Daliahs with pink tips. The first time I planted these. 

    My garden or jungle. Not sure what plants they are. I just threw some seeds down and this is what came up. 

Friday, March 13, 2015

Miss Lady Bug


Sorry!  This lady bug is sold.

Welcome Spring 2015

I am looking forward to spring as most of you are. I have been busy creating new dolls for the up coming season and here are a few of my latest. 
  I list on Ebay and in my Etsy store.
I may be contacted at