Saturday, June 20, 2015

Quiet pools of refreshment

God want us to move steadily forward on our journey through life (Ps 84:5-7), but rest and refreshment along the way are an integral part of his plan. He makes us lie down--in verdant, nourishing  "pastures"of his presence.  He does not leave us in the desert, but leads us directly to the banks of quiet pools of refreshment--if only we will follow.

My latest creations

                                              Sweet little flower girl with her guardian.

Creativity belongs to all of us.

                                                           A favorite quote
                                                             Don't let the fear
                                                            of failure prevent
                                                          you from being the
                                                           creative genius
                                                               that you are.
                                                           Creativity belongs
                                                          to all of us----claim it.

                                                       Lady Blue listed in my Etsy shop


                                     Welcome Summer
 Like the end of another season, so the circle of life continues.
A new generation blooms, and the old fades away. A new season comes around and the old sleeps. Rejoice in the new and mourn with a joyful heart the old. but always remember. 
                                                                                       ~Mary Ellen Young

Here are some of my beautiful flowers. They are here just a little while then fade away. 

                   Beautiful Daliahs with pink tips. The first time I planted these. 

    My garden or jungle. Not sure what plants they are. I just threw some seeds down and this is what came up.