Saturday, June 30, 2018

Summer time

Welcome to my space on Early Works.
  I am looking forward and on to cooler weather already.
  Enjoy my listings and thanks to stopping by.

This beautiful mammy doll is made with muslin and 
is painted and stained. She is large in circumference. 
She wears a dress made with reproduction fabric. Her clothing is dyed for a primitive look. 
  (Note;) her lips are not bright as photo shows.
She is free standing, 13 1/2 in.  She has a wool felt base on a weighted body. 
$55.00 includes shipping.

This is Adelaide
She measures 25 in. from the top of her hat to the bottom of her little slippers.
 She is 8 in. across her shoulder area. 
 She is painted and stained. 
She wears a pretty dress with wool felt hat.  Her hand made pumpkin purse holds Sweet Annie  and some berries. 
She has her broom handy.

Adelaide's adoption fee:  $89.00 and includes traveling expense. 

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